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8u Tagging Up

8u Official Rule Addendum 2013.8u1

Eight “U” players (8u) are not allowed to tag up from any base.  “There is no tagging up from any base on a ball hit in the air.”    

The key at this age is to develop outfielders that can make basic plays.  Catching a fly ball for an 8 year old is difficult enough, now we are asking them to hit a cutoff man and make a play at home.  Once again, we want to stress development of the players.

Having players tag up will only promote higher scoring and balls being thrown around the infield. The main objective is for the outfielder to catch the ball and have the infielders go out for the cutoff and get it back to the pitcher.  If we can accomplish that; the days of throwing out a runner tagging up is right around the corner.  This is only a rule for 8u baseball.


8U Level 5 Baseball Use

If a coaching staff is concerned for the safety of the players at the 8u age group, it is recommended to use Level 5 Baseballs.  Level 5 baseballs can be purchased at any sporting goods store or online.

Level 5 Baseballs are approximately 90% Compression and have Reduced Injury Factor for younger inexperienced players.  These are the same balls that are used indoors for High School/College Players.  They are not soft T-Ball Baseballs…they are slightly softer.

Please keep in mind the players are not skilled and/or experienced enough to react to some hard hit and thrown (stray) baseballs.  As we all agree, the safety of the players are the number one priority.  … Both teams need to agree to use Level 5 Baseballs.


8u, 9u, 10u Delayed Stealing

1) If you refer to the matrix at these levels…all balls thrown to the pitcher within the diameter is considered dead.  A Player must return to base.

2) If a player starts to steal once the catcher catches the ball, prior to the catcher returning the ball back to the pitcher…they may steal as per the base running rules per age group.

3) If the catcher has thrown the ball back to the pitcher (or is in the process of throwing the ball back to the pitcher), the play is considered “dead” unless the ball is overthrown, then the runners may attempt to steal a base (as per the base running rules per age group).

4) If a player walks, the catcher throws the ball back to the pitcher.  The player that walked cannot go into a full sprint to take second base.  The ball is back in the pitchers diameter and is considered dead.

5)  If a player walks, the catcher throws the ball back to the pitcher.  If the ball is overthrown…The player that walked may attempt to take second base.  The ball is considered live!

Please teach your catchers to get the ball back to the pitcher quickly and have your player back up throws to the pitcher.

Please refrain from deception…this does not teach the players anything and frustrates the opposition (akin to the hidden ball trick).


Home Field Rules

You must make the umpires aware of any Home Field Rules such as…

  • Time Limits
  • Physical Attributes of the Field
  • Any Rule that nay effect the outcome of the game.

If the Home Field Team does not submit these Home Field Rules Prior to the game to the visiting team and Umpire…we will Rule that the game must continue at a later date.

Rescheduling Games

Please be aware the schedule is flexible. The coaches in our league have always been very accommodating and they understand the importance of playing games.

Last year we experienced issues with the ability to play all games due to amount of rain we received.  There are plenty of days built into the season to reschedule games due to conflicts with inclement weather.

We strongly urge you to reschedule your games early to middle of the season… in order to avoid missed games at the end of the season.  We prefer all the games to be played.


Playoff Eligibility-minimum games played

All teams are eligible for the NPGL playoffs, however we do reserve the right to eliminate teams that have not played the considerable majority of their regular season games from the playoffs.

In order to be considered for the playoffs, teams must play a minimum of 9 games of the 12 game season.

We consider playing in the playoffs… a reward for playing a full or near full regular season. Also trying to seed teams that do not have a good playing history creates issues in determining the proper bracket placement for competition purposes.



Trophies are awarded winners only of each bracket. We use bracketed playoffs to create a more competitive environment for all teams despite their regular season record.

The playoff brackets will not be built based on your team’s record at the end of the season.  We cannot wait for all regular season game results or the entire regular season to complete for bracket creation since we need some days lead time to publish and allow for hosting teams to schedule fields and umpires. So please try to accommodate completion of your make up games ASAP should you want these to be included.


Playoff Opt OUT

Should your team not elect or have conflict with ability to play in this playoff tournament, please inform us immediately so we can take this into account prior to building or playing. We expect ALL teams participating will commit to playing all games.  Forfeiture of a playoff game because you do not want to play further or do not have players is discouraged.


Playoff Mercy Rule

The NPGL mercy rule is STILL IN EFFECT for NPGL Playoff tournament games. It is the following:

Mercy rule. The league uses a 12 run mercy rule after the losing team has at least completed its turn at bat in the 4th inning of a 6 inning game, or the 5th inning of a 7 inning game, or in any later inning in a regulation game.


Playoff Official Game

A game is an official game when:

1) 4 innings have been completed of a 6 inning game, or 5 innings are completed of a 7 inning game.





Playoff Rosters

“The Rule” remains the same.  

Player Eligibility: For a player to be eligible to play in the New Providence Green League he or she must not be a member of a town’s “A” or tournament team.

1)    A team can use one such player in a game in the event that the team has only 7 or 8 regular players available.

2)    In this case, the “A” player cannot pitch, bat last and the team’s coach must identify the player to the opponent before the start of the game. 

3)    The “A’ Player must be placed in the last batting position

You may only use a non-rostered player if you only have 7-8 players and need additional players to field a team.

If you have 7-8 players you may only take players to round out your team, not to exceed 10 players total.

What do I do if someone looks like they fielded a team other than what they had all year? 

1) Ask the other coach if the suspected players are on the Roster Submitted at the beginning of the year

2) If you still suspect… “Protest the Game” inform the umpire and opposing coaches “this will go under protest”…

3) Continue playing the game

4) Send me an email with Age Group, Team Name, Submit a Copy of the Score book

The Commission will then:

1) Review the Roster of the Team in Question

2) Team in Question will need to provide scorebook for entire season priro to next scheduled playoff game

3) If Roster does not validate.  Team will be disqualified


 What determines disqualification?

1) Roster was never submitted to NPGL at beginning of season

2) Player/s in question not on original Roster

3) Player/s in question is on the original roster, but played less than 25% of the games in regular season (not a regular rostered player)

4) Auxiliary Player Pitched during the game

5) Auxiliary Player took playing time away from a Rostered “B” Player

6) Team in question does not cooperate in time, before next playoff game

Play with the team you played with during the regular season.  We will disqualify your playoff team if you do not abide by the rules.


Who pays the umpire fee during playoffs?

Teams split the fee


If your game is suspended and you must continue next day, you must use same players as previous day.

You may not add players to your roster.

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